Ag Waste Solutions

Working to Sustain Global Farming

Ag Waste Solutions

Working to Sustain Global Farming


Convert Agricultural Wastes

The patented AWS system accommodates manure in any form. No composting or other costly disposal is necessary. By-products give back to the earth while producing an overall and substantial negative carbon footprint.

Sustainable, Clean Water

Resulting water is clear and mostly nutrient-free and can be used for irrigation and/or as a cleaner flush water. With further treatment using AWS technologies, this water can be reclaimed for farm use and converted to potable water quality, if necessary.

Renewable Green Energy

The AWS system preserves and enhances air quality. It significantly reduces greenhouse gas emissions from farming, with the lowest permitted exhaust emissions in the industry, while producing clean, green renewable energy products.

Green Diesel Fuel

The AWS process produces the cleanest renewable diesel fuel on earth… the fuel of agriculture, planes, trains, ships, trucks, buses, commerce, autos and our future.

News/Press Releases

February 6, 2015
USDA-NRCS State Conservation Engineer and NRCS staff visit Ag Waste Solutions

NCRSVisitDSC_190110 Luis Laracuente, USDA's Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) Conservation Engineer for California, along with other NRCS representatives, visited the Ag Waste Solutions project site at Scott Brothers Dairy Farms on February 5, 2015. Steve McCorkle, Bruce Scott and Michael Bagtang are shown here hosting a tour of the system for Mr. Laracuente (fourth from the right) and the other NRCS visitors. ... read more

January 5, 2015
AWS Welcomes Michael Bagtang!

Steve-michael AWS welcomes Michael Bagtang to the team as our first Project Engineer! Michael is a graduate of the University of California Riverside, graduating with a B.S. in Environmental Engineering with a Chemical Engineering focus. ... read more

November 22, 2014
Spain Representatives visit Ag Waste Solutions System

Spain reps visit AWS A group of experts from the Spanish Government, headed by Miquel Molins, the Director General of Agriculture and Livestock for the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries, Food and the Environment visited California in mid-November. The purpose of the visit was to better understand the environmental regulations ... read more

September 1, 2014
Four Things You Need to Know about Ag Waste Solutions and the Biogas Roadmap

1.  The AWS system reduces substantially more greenhouse gas emissions from dairy farming... 2.  The replacement of petroleum diesel fuel usage with AWS’ almost zero sulfur diesel fuel produced... 3.  When the AWS solid fertilizer by-product is added to soils, it acts as a CO2 sequestration tool... 4.. The combined impact of points 1, 2 and 3 can produce a negative carbon footprint... ... read more

August 5, 2014
White House Report Calls for Cost-effective Technologies to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions

The recent White House report, “Climate Action Plan Strategy to Reduce Methane Emissions” included the development of a Biogas Roadmap.  Although the ‘bio-syngas’ AWS creates is not technically a 'biogas' in its chemical makeup,  it is a better feedstock for diesel fuel production,” said Steve McCorkle, AWS founder and CEO. “Ag Waste Solutions system’s benefits compare favorably against methane digesters and other 'biogas' systems that produce methane, the most potent greenhouse gas. ... read more

Groundbreaking Innovation

Scott Brothers Dairy Farms

Scott Brothers Dairy is the first larger scale farm to incorporate the groundbreaking technology solution of AWS. Located in Southern California, this fourth generation dairy farm has been in... read more