About AWS

irrigator-manThe Ag Waste Solutions (AWS) system allows global farmers to continue producing the world’s safest food in a sustainable manner – socially, economically and environmentally. The AWS process creates a profit center for farmers while protecting the environment and improving the lives of those that connect or intersect with agriculture. AWS converts manure and ag wastes into renewable diesel, clean water and fertilizer.

Global farmers face a huge challenge: how to handle the animal waste that the EPA has declared the #1 cause of U.S. waterway pollution and a major contributor to greenhouse gas emissions.

Ag Waste Solutions is the answer to sustain global farming into the future. Its highly economical total pollution solution is a unique, proprietary waste-to-energy system that has the potential to change agriculture as we know it.

This skid-mounted, scalable technology solution consists of four key modules which process manure into clean water for irrigation and/or reflushing, potable water when required, and a high-energy biosyngas that can be converted into diesel fuel and/or electricity.

The highly economical conversion of the AWS system provides fast paybacks to producers and attractive returns on investment to project developers and investors.