In the Field

SBD-logo-whiteScott Brothers Dairy is the first larger scale farm to incorporate the groundbreaking technology solution of Ag Waste Solutions (AWS). Located in Southern California, this fourth generation dairy farm has been in continual operation since 1913. Six years ago, Bruce Scott began seeking a solution for regulatory changes that were to come in 2012 regarding groundwater and salt loads in the watershed. Through research and discussions with his peers and industry leaders, he knew there had to be a solution out there to the impending ban on applying manure to forage crops.
Bruce and his brother and partner, Brad, found the answer in their own backyard…Chino. Ag Waste Solutions was then a pilot program processing manure into vaporous gas and char. Their program was already permitted under the regional Air Quality mandates, making them an attractive potential partner.

Steve McCorkle had been perfecting and validating a patented process and system for the last six years, refining it from a dream into a viable working solution for the problems facing agriculture and our environment. Recognizing that animal agriculture was the biggest source of wastes, even larger than waste treatment municipalities, Steve had built a perfect solution for Bruce before the two men even met.
brothersFast forward several years and we have Scott Brothers Dairy Farms partnering with Ag Waste Solutions to be the first dairy to convert cow manure into renewable diesel fuel, clean water and fertilizer.
This innovative system has been permitted, installed and operating at Scott Brothers Dairy Farms producing diesel using manure from their farm. The self-sustaining circle of energy will begin and end with the Scott Brothers Dairy Farms’ cows eating high quality forage feeds produced from the fields and harvested with machinery powered by fuel derived from the cows’ waste. This groundbreaking circle of sustainability has the potential to change agriculture as we know it, and the principals of Scott Brothers Dairy Farms and Ag Waste Solutions are proud to be the pioneers of this visionary project.

Check out the Scott Brothers Dairy Farms site for more information.