Investing in Ag Waste Solutions

Ag Waste Solutions (AWS) management has designed, adopted and operates under a platform with three major goals: to substantially abate pollution in our environment while creating advanced biofuels that will produce significant capital returns for farmers and our other stakeholders. AWS has developed unique strategies in technology development, operations, economic returns and strategic relationships. AWS perfected disruptive and patented overall processes, components and technology, and they are protected with exclusive licensing agreements. This allows AWS to achieve its total pollution solution while also producing very attractive economics. The company has also established highly credible relationships in the industry and in related technology areas.

AWS operated an industry demonstration and test site at Inland Empire Utilities Agency, an award-winning California public utility, and was positioned next to the largest digester in North America that was processing animal waste. AWS was granted an R&D air quality permit for that site, the first such in California for animal wastes, from the most stringent air quality district in North America. At that site, AWS received the maximum, prestigious USDA/NCRS/FPPC grant to demonstrate a waste-to-energy technology solution to the industry. Few enjoy our key relationships with various industry trade associations and industry-related academia.

Based on U.S. EPA forecasts, demand for second-generation advanced biofuels is projected to far outstrip supply for at least the next 8 years. The Energy Independence and Security Act (EISA) mandated increased production levels for U.S. biofuels, with most of that increase required from Non-Food Based Renewable Feedstocks. AWS and its technology solution with help meet these increased mandates and rising demand.

We are developing and will continue to seek relationships for technology expansion, project development and project financing. Over the next five years, AWS plans to annually increase the number of projects it brings on line, reaching a total of 174 by the end of year five.

For more information, or to purchase Series D convertible preferred stock at a very attractive price contact Richard Abruscato.