Sustainable Advantages

irrigator-manAWS’ technology addresses environmental, social and economic sustainability. It ensures that farms will continue to produce high-quality food in a way that protects natural resources, supports the community and continues to reduce environmental pollution through these advantages:

Zero impact to the land – it substantially removes the specific nutrients that cause the most problems in land irrigation/application and water pollution, while reducing the total land requirements of animal farming.

Resulting water is clear and mostly nutrient-free – water can be used for irrigation and/or as a cleaner flush water. With further treatment using the AWS technologies, this water can be reclaimed or even brought to potable water quality.

image-1Produces the cleanest renewable diesel fuel on earth –the fuel of agriculture, planes, trains, ships, trucks, buses, commerce, autos and our future.

Accommodates manure in any form – No composting or other costly disposal is necessary. By-products give back to the earth while producing an overall and substantial negative carbon footprint.

Preserves and enhances air quality – It has the lowest emissions of exhaust measurements for nitrogen oxides, sulfur oxides, carbon monoxide and particulate matter in the industry and it has been permitted by the most stringent Air Quality Management District in the U.S.

Reduces greenhouse gases – no methane or carbon dioxide is produced from the anaerobic decay of manure when it is processed through the AWS system.