The AWS Process

Ag Waste Solutions (AWS) processes manure and recovers clean water for irrigation and/or re-flushing and/or potable needs, and a dry solids feedstock for use in the gasification process to produce clean, renewable energy. The system is modular and scalable. It is skid-mounted, and readily integrates into the farm operations on a real time basis. The AWS system is designed to serve one or multiple farms – on average processing about six tons of waste per hour.

The AWS patented processes and system configurations consist of up to six modules that are already proven and in use in other industries. The core modules are patented by our key suppliers and are exclusively licensed to AWS for the animal agricultural industry.

The core modules are:

Solids Recovery Module

Solids Recovery Module (SRM), which removes >98% of the Total Suspended Solids and >40% of the Total Dissolved Solids, reducing the key NPK nutrients in the waste slurry by 90% Phosphorus, 67% Total Kjeldahl Nitrogen and 40% Potassium and other salts. The optional Water Treatment Module (WTM), which cleans the discharge water from the SRM to reclaim it for other farm uses or to convert it to potable water quality, if necessary.

Gas Production Module

Gas Production Module (GPM), which economically creates large quantities of high quality/high BTU biosyngas from manure and other biomass.

Gas Conditioning Module

The Gas Conditioning Module (GCM), where the biosyngas is cleaned and conditioned to become an input for energy generation, either in the form of liquid fuel and/or electricity.

Liquid Fuel Module

Liquid Fuel Module (LFM), which converts the biosyngas into clean, advanced biofuels, primarily renewable, low-sulfur diesel fuel. When used, this diesel produces the lowest exhaust emissions of nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxides and particulate matter of any diesel fuel on earth.